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Signature beer of «Beef&Beer»

Exclusive sort of beer brewed especially for our restaurant. Check the style of the beer with waiters and barmen.


Alivaria 1894 Premium

Original light lager with amber-honey color and flavor of toasted bread given by the Viennese malt.

FG. 12,0 / ABV. 4,8


Grimbergen Double Ambree

Dark Belgian top fermentation dowel which has a gorgeous, full taste and delicious flavor. Beer is brewed according to the ancient recipe of the monks of the Abbey Grimbergen which exists to this day.

FG. 14,7 / ABV. 6,5



Traditional Abbey Belgian ale which has a beautiful golden color, rich and long-lasting foam, ight flavor of ripe fruit and spicy notes of cloves. 

FG. 14,5 / ABV. 6,4


Budweiser Budvar

Light beer of low fermentation has been brewed since 1895. One of the most titled Czech and world beer brands. The production uses water from its own artesian wells, Moravian barley malt, cones of Harvester hops. The beer has a full malt flavor, a delicate aroma of hops, a pleasant bitterness.

FG. 11,9 / ABV. 5,0

Hofbräu Original

Light lager. It represents the special atmosphere of Munich as the beer capital. «Hofbrau» is popular not only in Germany. Its refreshing bitter taste and special character made the beer famous all over the world. The taste of beer is fresh and rather dense, but there is dominated by slightly sweet notes of light malt, herbs, honey, shades of lemon zest, licorice, hay, cinnamon and strawberry sweets. Aftertaste is long, pleasant and a little bit spicy.

FG. 11,7 / ABV. 5,1

Radeberger Pilsner

Light lager is the famous Germany beer which is brewed since 1872. It has a pure golden color, classic refreshing taste and soft hop bitterness that is inherent in all Pilsners. The flavor includes bright smells of hay, malt and hops. 

FG. 11,65 / ABV. 4,8


Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrub

Wheaten unfiltered beer. Distinctive features of the beer are orange color, rich foam cap and soft taste. Not having of filtration allows it to keep the taste of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, and a small quality of hops adds only a light thin bitterness. This beer is highly valued by by the Bavarian kings, for which it received the honorary title of «Bavarian champagne».

FG. 12,5 / ABV. 5,5

Bruler Brune

Dark premium Belgian Abbey ale with a soft creamy foam, with a flavor of roasted caramel, a sweet caramel-fruit flavor and a characteristic slight bitterness. In the aftertaste there is a slight hop bitterness with the flavor of roasted coffee beans.

FG. 15,5 / ABV. 6,8

Lefebvre Blanche de Bruxelles

Belgian Ale has a natural muddiness due to the high amount of wheat included in its structure (40%). Coriander and orange peels are added to the beer during the brewing, which give the beer an original flavor.

FG. 10,7 / ABV.4,5

Bourgogne des Flandres

Flemish brown ale. It is created by the technology of mixed fermentation. As a result, flavor brown ale, completed with creamy foam cap, is born.The taste takes turn sweetness, tartness and light sourness. Fruit aftertaste highlights the unique character.

FG. 12,0 / ABV. 5,0

Corona Еxtra

Light Lager

FG. 11,53 / ABV. 4,5

Аливария Портер

Dark beer

ABV. 6,8

Clausthaler Original Non-alcoholic

Light unfiltered

ABV. 1

Paulaner, Hefe-Weissbier Non-Alcoholic

Wheaten unfiltered

ABV. 1



ABV. 0,5